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Electronic product design and development for new applications

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE OFFER – TOHR20180924001/CROATIA Croatian SME specialized in electronic product design is providing hardware and software development at one place. They are looking for partners whom they can offer their expertise in development and production of electronic products and applications in form of Technical cooperation agreement and Services agreement. […]

A Korean company in the information security/authentication industry is seeking for an European business partner for its biometric signature authentication and other products in license agreement and others

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE OFFER – TOKR20180105001/ A Korean company specialized in server security and authentication solutions wishes to expand their overseas markets through license agreement, technical cooperation and commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company’s 3 main business areas are server security solution, identity and access management (IAM) solution, and biometric […]

A Finnish software consulting company looking for software services partner in Poland, Portugal and Romania

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOFI20171229001/FINLAND A Finnish software consulting company is looking for a services partner who could act as their software services scaling centre in Poland, Portugal and Romania to work with their global client operations. The company is interested in cooperation that could provide the company team(s) of […]

A Finnish company that has developed a SaaS (software as a service) solution for energy modeling and calculation with energy management for professional use is looking for partners for a SaaS service agreement and/or distributors

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOFI20170824001/FINLAND The Finnish company´s cloud solution for energy modeling and calculation with energy management for professional use is for companies wishing to use it in the services for clients, such as energy audits, energy consulting, monitoring services and that way help clients understand, find and verify […]

Smart-system for the control and management of complex energy facilities and networks

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE OFFER – TOUA20181221001/UKRAINE An IT company from Ukraine offers a new Smart-system of innovative transformation of electric networks and intelligent technologies for power consumption optimization and energy saving. The advantages of the proposed system: using of new information technologies in the energy sector; new opportunities of innovation and […]