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A Romanian importer and distributor of electrical energetics products seeks new suppliers under manufacturing or distribution services agreements

COMMERCIAL PROFILE REQUEST – BRRO20181114001/ROMANIA The Romanian company is specialized in distribution of materials and equipment for electrical installations growing its presence in both residential and industrial national market. Its product range include low, medium and high voltage electrical power distribution. The SME seeks to establish long-term partnerships with either […]

Polish manufacturer of slurry tanker and equipment seeks distributors in EU countries

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOPL20180911001/POLAND A Polish company is specialized in manufacturing innovative agricultural machinery and technologies. The company is currently looking for major long-term partners around the EU in order to distribute their slurry tankers in the European market. Ir a la fuente Para poder disponer de la información […]

Enabling smarter logistics – customised online shop systems for freight forwarders and shipping companies

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE OFFER – TODE20181101001/GERMANY German SME offers an online logistics shop system for sales of sea, land and air freight to forwarding companies that want to become competitive in the digital landscape. It digitises all core processes of logistics sales and can be integrated into the web presence of […]

German purchasing agency for industrial equipment seeks new products for their business plattform

COMMERCIAL PROFILE REQUEST – BRDE20181129001/GERMANY A German company, provider of a business plattform for industrial equipment, seeks innovative products, like advanced industry 4.0 solutions, sensors and workplace systems. The products will be distributed via the company’s plattform in Germany and Europe. The company is interested in distribution services or commercial […]

A UK (Scotland) company with an innovative mooring system for yachts and small craft seeks distribution partnership agreements

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOUK20181121001/UNITED KINGDOM A UK (Scotland) SME has developed an innovative mooring system for yachts and small craft. The novel buoy design improves safety and reliability by providing a pick up point at deck level along with a mooring line that always remains clean and free from […]