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Lithuanian company specializing in manufacturing of chipper blades is searching for partners under distribution or outsourcing agreements.

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOLT20181211001/LITHUANIA A Lithuanian company manufacturing metal chipper blades for various industries is searching for distributors under distribution service agreement and also offers its capacities in CNC machining services for steel processing under outsourcing agreement. Ir a la fuente Para poder disponer de la información debe “Ir […]

A Lithuanian company offers stainless steel processing and conveyor systems manufacturing capacities under manufacturing agreement

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOLT20180907001/LITHUANIA A company has been founded in 1993 and operates successfully since then in Lithuania and abroad. The company engineers, designs, produces and installs its products for the food, marine and other industries. It is mainly specialized in stainless steel processing and conveyor systems manufacturing for […]

A Czech manufacturer of plastic parts and injection molding tools is offering manufacturing agreement.

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOCZ20171002001/ A Czech company provides full-service in plastic injection molding as a contract manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience. The company is a reliable supplier to electro-technical, water, civil engineering and automotive industry. Activities can be divided into 4 main categories: design and development, […]

A building, construction and decoration materials wholesaler and retailer from Lithuania is offering distribution services

COMMERCIAL PROFILE REQUEST – BRLT20190103001/LITHUANIA A company from Lithuania is active in the field of building and construction materials wholesale and retail. The company wants to broaden their product range and therefore is searching for facade insulation and decoration materials manufacturers and is offering distribution services agreement. Ir a la […]

A Lithuanian company active in wood industry is offering its products

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOLT20181001001/LITHUANIA The main activity of Lithuanian company is trade in packaging timber. Currently pallet blanks, i.e. pallet boards and beams as well as pallets themselves make the biggest part of the company sales. The company exports its production to western countries. The company is looking for […]