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H2020: Looking for European industries using large industrial equipment (>150kW of power) from these sectors: chemical and petrochemical, machinery production, paper and pulp, food, metal, textile, electric power generation, water treatment, cement

COMMERCIAL PROFILE REQUEST – RDES20190109001/SPAIN A Spanish research centre is preparing a proposal for the call H2020 DT-FoF-06-2019 aimed to develop, test, demonstrate and market uptake of an innovative solution for extending the lifespan of large industrial equipment at least a 20%, increasing the return on investment from major machinery. […]

Non-electric Portable Self-refrigerating Autonomous Cooling System

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOES20181016001/SPAIN A Spanish technology-based company has developed a multipurpose non-electric autonomous portable chiller, that can be used for transporting at controlled temperature in the biomedical and the food industry, without electrical supply nor batteries. They are looking for a small and medium-sized or multinational enterprises to […]

Slovenian company developing and producing air filters for shelters, industrial and sports buildings is looking for distributors.

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOSI20171002001/SLOVENIA A Slovenian company is developing and manufacturing air filters. The company produces filters for different industries, shelters, business premises, and sports halls. The company is selling most of its products in the EU markets and is looking for distributors involved in sale of filters to […]

Spanish product owner and manufacturer of innovative water saving technology seeks international partners for commercialization

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOES20181217002/SPAIN Spanish engineering RD company created a patented technology for saving water at home or businesses using individual hot water heaters. After several years in the Spanish market, the company seeks companions for license or distribution agreements in European countries, USA and Canada. Ir a la […]

French designer and manufacturer of photonic and optical instruments is looking for commercial agency and distribution agreements

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOFR20180906001/FRANCE A French company designs and manufactures a new generation of high performance and easy-to-use single photon counting modules that enable worldwide scientists and engineers to measure very low light level down to a single photon. This superior photon detection allows them to achieve outstanding results, […]