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Spanish manufacturer of wood-burning stoves, fireplace inserts and thermo-fireplaces is looking for distributors and commercial agents

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOES20181219002/SPAIN A Spanish company that designs and manufactures wood-burning stoves, fireplace inserts and thermo-fireplaces, offering energy-efficient, individually designed solutions, is looking for distributors and trade intermediary services such as agents all over the world. Ir a la fuente Para poder disponer de la información debe “Ir […]

Romanian mechanical engineering company is looking for manufacturing or subcontracting agreements

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BORO20181025001/ROMANIA The Romanian company, located in northern Transylvania, produces machinery and steel constructions, offering machining, welding services and 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) design services as well. The core market area is machinery production for automotive industry, but the company is also targeting other industries. The […]

Waterproof light-emitting diode (LED) lamps applicable for heavy duty industrial conditions.

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE OFFER – TOBG20181221003/BULGARIA A Bulgarian company with more than 12 years of experience in the R&D of light-emitting diode (LED) products and technologies has developed innovative lamps intended for heavy duty applications. They can operate in harsh conditions and have integrated thermal, bypass and over-voltage protection, long lifespan […]

A Polish supplier of steel rollers and other components for bulk goods conveying systems is looking for distributors and agents on foreign markets.

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOPL20171128001/POLAND The core business of the Polish company, with 15 years of experience, is a wide range of rollers, steel frames and other components for bulk goods conveying systems. The company is looking for agents and distributors for their steel rollers in European, South American, African […]

Romanian company specialised in the design and production of electronic and electrical equipment seeks commercial agents

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BORO20171026003/ROMANIA A Romanian manufacturer of power electronic equipment for electric vehicles, industrial applications and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for rail vehicles and coaches would like to collaborate with agents who can represent the company’s products on foreign markets under a commercial agency agreement. The […]