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Bulgarian company specialized in producing and supplying of snails is looking for distribution service agreements and subcontracting agreements

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOBG20151030001/BULGARIA Bulgarian eco-farm located at the foot of Stara Planina Mountain (the Balkans), is specialized in the growing and supply of hibernated snails. The company, is looking for distributors under distribution service agreements and offers subcontracting agreements to partners engaged in snails growing business in order […]

Productor polaco de alimentos orgánicos saludables busca distribuidores

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOPL20160630006/POLAND Una empresa polaca especializada en producir alimentos naturales de alta calidad con certificación ecológica (semillas de chía, amaranto, cañihua, semillas de sésamo, quinoa y café), cuyo catálogo de productos está en continua expansión, busca distribuidores con el fin de establecer una cooperación a largo plazo […]

Brazilian company manufacturer of functional food and food supplements seeks for long term partnership such as distribution service agreement or commercial agency agreement

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOBR20151007004/BRAZIL The company is located in Campo Grande – Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, and operates in the Brazilian market with its own production of Food Supplements. These products are intended for improvement of physical and sports activities, and natural and functional food. The company wishes […]

A Russian company specialized in the sphere of honey manufacturing is looking for distributors

Commercial partnering opportunity – BORU20151207003 A Russian company is specialized in manufacturing honey deriving from different species, among them are: may, lime, flower, buckwheat, linden, black locust, sweet clover that can be packaged in glass or plastic jars of different sizes. The SME is looking for distributors interested in the […]

Development of a hardware-software complex of amplifiers of electrical biopotentials of a brain and muscles, programs of electronic neuropsychological tests and tasks

Technology collaboration – TORU20151207001 OFFER The company from Perm specializes on development of a hardware-software product on the basis of a complex of psychology and pedagogical tests and exercises, adapted with the unit of amplifiers of some electrosignals with use of biological back coupling. The technology allows to fight against […]