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A SME from south of Poland offers an innovative solution for air purification eliminating volatile organic compounds. The company is willing to sign a service or a license agreement.

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOPL20181203002/POLAND A Polish company that has been operating since 2011 offers an innovative solution for bio-elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odours from exhaust gases generated in the industry. VOCs treatment technology is based on the compact trickle bed bioreactor and it is dedicated for […]

A Croatian company is looking for franchisees or distributors of their integrated solutions for electronic security systems.

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOHR20170309001/CROATIA A Croatian company, specialized in complete, innovative and integrated solutions for electronic security, is offering distribution services agreements or franchise agency agreements to companies in Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Albania, Poland and Ukraine. Ir a la fuente Para poder disponer de la información debe […]

A Japanese cyber security company has developed an endpoint security software to detect unknown threats.

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE OFFER – TOJP20171208001/JAPAN The Japanese company is looking for Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Internet technology security field interested to implement its heuristic application based security software within their products: antivirus software, asset management and firewall/gateway products. Not depending on pattern files, the software is more efficient than […]

Real-time monitoring for the discharge of firearms

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE OFFER – TOUK20181005001/UNITED KINGDOM A UK company is offering a device to accurately monitor the discharge of a firearm of any calibre that is more accurate than existing methods. The discharge information could be both recorded and provided as real time feedback alongside a variety of metrics. This […]

Manufacturer of a flexible flood protection wall is offering distribution services agreement

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BODE20180924003/GERMANY A German SME developed a flexible flood protection wall. The wall is stored in a concrete channel at the place of use and is available in a ready mode whenever needed. The company seeks distribution services partners in Austria, France, Poland, Czech Republic and/ or […]