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Special spectrophotometer that monitors the dynamics of initiation and reverse phases of photochromic colour change in functional dyes is offered for licesing

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE OFFER – TOCZ20171220001/ Czech university developed a special spectrophotometer that not only analyzes photo chromic change but also measures color transition that identifies environmental dangerous conditions. The external stimuli can be changes in temperature, humidity, pH environment, the concentration of hazardous substances, etc. Measurements and acquisition of experimental […]

Polish manufacturer of foam and spring mattresses seeks distributors and offers services in the field of foam’s cutting under services and manufacturing agreement

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOPL20181220001/POLAND A Polish manufacturer of mattresses is offering cooperation to foreign partners with distribution, services and manufacturing agreements. The company offers very thick foam mattresses and two-sided spring mattresses. Moreover, the company provides services in the field of foam’s cutting in the whichever formats and for […]

A Slovak company, active in the field of engineering production, is looking for partners in the field of mechanical engineering through manufacturing or services agreement

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOSK20171108001/ A Slovak company is active in the field of mechanical engineering, especially roller bearings or railway vehicle bearings manufacturing but also products for the textile, automotive, aerospace and civil engineering sectors. It is looking for new business partners via manufacturing agreement or services agreement (e.g. […]

A Croatian company of a specialised zip bed cover for children is looking for distributors

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOHR20170608001/CROATIA A Croatian company offers an innovative bedding product for children to potential distributors and wholesalers through a distribution services agreement. The product is designed to easily cover kids during their sleep, preventing them from kicking off the cover or entangling them into the cover. Ir […]

Lithuanian company manufacturing linen textiles, is looking for retailers or distributors under a distribution service agreement

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOLT20181206001/LITHUANIA A Lithuanian company has more than 17 years of experience in linen fabric and linen manufacturing. The company offers anti-allergenic linen fabric. The company is interested in finding distributors, individual retailers, small retail shops under a distribution services agreement. Ir a la fuente Para poder […]