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Células madre somáticas inducidas

Technology collaboration – TODE20150616002 OFFER Una universidad alemana ofrece un nuevo método modificado de reprogramación de células somáticas en células madre neurales para regeneración de tejido neural y modelado de enfermedades, especialmente en el sistema nervioso central. Este método produce células madre neurales autólogas que proliferan indefinidamente y que son […]

Innovative method for treatment of allergy and inflammation

Technology collaboration – TOKR20150514002 OFFER A university from South Korea has developed a therapeutic method for treatment of allergies and inflammatory conditions. The outcome of the technology is to inhibit a factor that causes allergic inflammation. The technology can be expected to be used for first-in-class drugs in relevant areas, […]

New lentiviral vector for optimization of advanced therapies and control of cellular processes

Technology collaboration – TOES20150428001 OFFER A Spanish public research organization has developed a product based on the application of a lentiviral vector with self-limited regulated expression. It can be used in cellular processes and advanced therapies, especially those in which cell differentiation is required. They are looking for licensees for […]

Laser system for less traumatic surgery

Technology collaboration – TORU20150507001 OFFER Small Russian innovative company is developing the surgical instrument of next generation that is two-wave laser system, which technical parameters make possible to perform bloodless surgical operations on soft, bone and cartilage without signs of their thermal damage. The company is looking for partners for […]

Nueva estrategia terapéutica contra la leucemia linfocítica crónica

Technology collaboration – TOCZ20150326001 OFFER Un equipo de investigación de una universidad checa ha descubierto y evaluado inhibidores de caseína quinasa 1 (CK1) para una nueva generación de medicamentos destinados al tratamiento de la leucemia linfocítica crónica (CLL). La evolución de la leucemia linfocítica crónica depende de las interacciones entre […]