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A Slovak company, which provides supplies of high-grade steels, lead and titanium materials, is looking for distributors from neighbouring countries

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOSK20171103001/ A Slovak company, dealing with the distribution of high-grade steels, creep (boiler) and heat-resistant steels, tool steels, titanium and lead materials, is looking for partners mainly from neighbouring countries. The company would like to sign new partnerships under a distribution services agreement. Ir a la […]

Well established German company is looking globally for rolling-element bearing distributers

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BODE20180711001/GERMANY German SME that successfully operates since 1922 and is specialized in trade with a broad-spectrum of roller bearings looks for distributors internationally. Due to an extensive stockpiling, the company is able to supply distributors with premium brand products of proven quality and in a timely […]

A Japanese company specialised in stainless steel belt is seeking sales representatives in the EU

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOJP20171012001/JAPAN A Japanese company is looking for a sales representative to introduce their stainless steel belts in the EU. The company’s stainless steel belts, which are mostly applied in transport conveyors and power transmission machines, can be made upon customers’ request and feature higher quality and […]

Belgian manufacturer of mobile roofs is looking for distributors and/or agents

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOBE20161123002/BELGIUM Belgian market leader of mobile roofs and hatches is looking for distributors and/or agents. The products are available in aluminium and polycarbonate. Tailor made solutions can be offered. The partners should have a customer base in the following sectors: recycling, biomass, public entities, storage, transhipment […]