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A producer of wood drying equipment from Serbia seeks distributors

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BORS20181129002/SERBIA A Serbian company, established in 1991, operates as a manufacturer of measurement and control equipment, industrial equipment, counters and process indicators. The company has been specialised in designing and producing automated wood dryers as well, for which the company seeks partners through distribution agreement. Ir […]

H2020 DT-NMBP-19-2019 – Consultancy company sought with proven experience in regulation, certification and standardisation of nanomaterials

COMMERCIAL PROFILE REQUEST – RDES20181129001/SPAIN A Spanish research centre is seeking a consultancy company with proven experience in regulation, certification and standardisation of nanomaterials for the H2020 topic DT-NMBP-19-2019. Knowledge of additive manufacturing, nanomaterials and energy will be appreciated. The main goal of the project is to optimize the 3D […]

Czech certification and testing company offers commercial agency agreement for partners from heat technologies sector in the USA and France

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOCZ20181120001/ The Czech company is providing comprehensive services in the field of testing, inspection, certification and training. They are seeking cooperation with local sales representatives in the USA and France. The target areas of the cooperation are the heat technologies in general. The company is looking […]

H2020 SC1-BHC-07-2019: Clinical and research related partners sought for a project consortium

COMMERCIAL PROFILE REQUEST – RDDE20181120001/GERMANY A German research institute is preparing a proposal for the H2020 SC1-BHC-07-2019 call. Focus is a biomaterial platform that can be customized for various, engineered tissue types. The aim is to overcome current state of the art constrains in cell sheet engineering. The institute will […]

UK precision mechanical electro-optical engineering manufacturer seeks subcontracting agreements from design to full production and distribution

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOUK20180122001/UNITED KINGDOM Privately owned UK engineering company with UK and USA manufacturing facilities, specialised in precision engineering and optics, with over 60 years experience in inspection, microscopy and optical component, offers design and manufacturing services to companies in the medical, aerospace, automotive, jewellery and telecommunication industries. […]