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CAD Modelling partner for Prosthetic Arm needed for Eurostars project

COMMERCIAL PROFILE REQUEST – RDNO20190102001/NORWAY The Norwegian company, providing multifunctional Hydraulic hand prosthetics, needs a partner specialising in CAD modelling and optimising in order to jointly apply for Eurostars grant, cut off 11 on the 28th of February. The vision of the company is to supply a complete cost effective, […]

An Italian center of reproductive medicine is looking for innovative assisted reproductive technologies

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE REQUEST – TRIT20190104001/ITALY An Italian center of reproductive medicine is looking for innovative assisted reproductive technologies to be tested in its clinic. The company is also interested in testing updates of technologies which have already been available on the market and normally used in the sector. The cooperation […]

Slovenian producer of industrial filters is looking for distributors.

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOSI20180116003/SLOVENIA A Slovenian company is active in production of industrial filters for industrial dust collection and for different industrial applications. The company is looking for partners involved in sale or distribution of industrial filters to cooperate in form of distribution agreements. Ir a la fuente Para […]

Spanish company dedicated to the distribution of medical instruments and equipments looks for European manufacturing companies of first brand medical and sanitary instruments.

COMMERCIAL PROFILE REQUEST – BRES20171207001/SPAIN The company is a small-sized firm located in northern Spain, dedicated to the distribution of all kind of medical and sanitary instruments and related material. In order to expand their business, they look for European partners which could be companies that manufacture first brand medical […]

German manufacturer of hospital delivery equipment seeks new suppliers

COMMERCIAL PROFILE REQUEST – BRDE20181208001/GERMANY A German manufacturer is specialized in the manufacture of equipment to support women in labour for delivery units and maternity wards. They have a deep knowledge of the German market. The company would like to enlarge their portfolio and is looking for international partners interested […]