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Romanian producer of dry underfloor heating is looking for distributors

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BORO20181229001/ROMANIA Romanian company specializing in the production of lightweight adaptable heating systems is looking for international partners interested in a long-term collaboration as distributors for an already on the market product under a distribution services agreement. Ir a la fuente Para poder disponer de la información […]

A UK water efficiency unit manufacturer seeks agents and distributors.

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOUK20180903001/UNITED KINGDOM A UK SME has developed a patented control system for the intelligent use of rainwater and grey water (relatively clean water from baths, sinks, washing machines and other appliances) in domestic and commercial settings. The system maximises the use of grey water and harvested […]

A Macedonian company specialized in production of prefabricated containers is looking for distributors and agents

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOMK20181219001/MACEDONIA, THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF A Macedonian company with over 25 years of experience in metal processing is offering prefabricated containers for variety of uses. The containers are cost effective, durable, movable and recyclable whereas the company is highly experienced in design and manufacturing of […]

An Israeli company leading in the field of renewable energy (solar farms) and others is looking for service agreement and other types of cooperation.

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOIL20181123001/ISRAEL An Israeli professional construction company specializing in renewable (solar) energy projects is looking for partners. Agents, right-owners in photo voltaic projects, solar technology companies and financial groups are sought. Advantages – essential finance and energy savings, wide experience including integrating functions and strong connections in […]

Spanish company in the field of solar energy offers an autonomous and portable system of renewable electrical energy generation under commercial agreement with technical assistance

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOES20181219001/SPAIN An innovative Spanish SME in the field of renewable energies focused in solar energy offers a photovoltaic solar off-grid system as a portable solution ready to use. The company is looking for distributors, dealers or installers who want to distribute, install and perform the maintenance […]