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A Ukrainian institute offering services of microscopy and surface enhanced IR and Raman spectroscopy, is looking for technical, research, and services agreements.

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE OFFER – TOUA20181211001/UKRAINE A Ukrainian institute offers vibrational spectroscopy analyses as well as thermal studies with techniques relating to microscopy and spectroscopy. The Institute has extensive experience in working with solid materials, powders, biological objects and liquids. The laboratory offers a wide optical range of investigation from infrared […]

Procedure for the association of imaging information obtained following non-destructive, non-invasive investigations conducted with photonic techniques

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE OFFER – TORO20181127001/ROMANIA A team of Romanian researchers has developed a visualization technology for the investigation of data obtained on the surfaces of the work of arts. This technology delivers a series of visual data, in digital format, associated with a 3D replica of the investigated surface; the […]

Flexible graphene oxide electrodes by laser radiation

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE OFFER – TOES20180713002/SPAIN A Spanish research institution together with a Romanian University have developed a method for the manufacture of low-cost flexible electrodes obtained from laser processing of graphene oxide (GO) films. Planar electrodes with low electrical resistance and high capacitance per unit area can be obtained, ideal […]

Dutch SME is looking for partners for the distribution, sale and integration of innovative pest bird control systems

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BONL20180219001/NETHERLANDS A Dutch bird controller specialist developed a bird repellent system. This is a fully automated bird repelling system that provides continuous bird repelling capability after a one-time configuration. The company is looking for cooperation with resellers, distributors and system integrators in the framework of a […]

A Korean manufacturer of optical lens is looking for technology partner especially from Germany and Switzerland capable of designing and manufacturing needle sheath modules for subminiature camera below 2.0mm used in arthroscope

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE REQUEST – TRKR20180502002/ A Korean manufacturer of optical lens is looking for German and Switzerland company that can provide designing and manufacturing technology of needle sheath for disposable diagnostic endoscopy. The company has made prototype for sheath module and would like to develop the product further by cooperating […]