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A Bosnian producer of food products is looking for partners from the Gulf region to cooperate under the distribution services agreement

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOBA20180118001/BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA An experienced Bosnian company specialized in production of food products (pickles, red beet, pepper fillets, salad, ajvar, all types of marmalade etc.) is looking for distributors in the Gulf countries (Qatar). Ir a la fuente Para poder disponer de la información debe “Ir […]

Armenian producer of canned food is looking for agents and distributors

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOAM20170627002/ARMENIA This Armenian company is producing canned food from local fruits and berries. The company is looking for commercial agency agreement and/or distribution services agreement. Ir a la fuente Para poder disponer de la información debe “Ir a la fuente”, anotar la referencia y solicitar la […]

A Polish manufacturer of milk powder preparations and a supplier of powdered milk products is looking for agents and is offering manufacturing services

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOPL20170714002/POLAND The Polish company has been on the market since 2014. The firm specializes in the production of a wide range of powdered preparations and the supplying of the powdered milk products: whey powder, whole milk powder, skimmed milk, milk or whey protein concentrate, permeate, full […]

Greek company that produces mountain tea (soft drink) is looking for distributors in Europe for a distribution service agreement

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOGR20161024002/GREECE Greek company that produces and cans mountain tea beverages, located in Northern Greece and well established in Greece and the US, is currently looking for distributors for their products in Europe. The products are considered innovative and are of high nutritional value, additive free and […]

Portuguese company is looking for distributors for flour, pasta, crackers, rice and oil through distribution services agreements

COMMERCIAL PROFILE OFFER – BOPT20171127001/PORTUGAL Portuguese company from Madeira Island, specialized in the production of culinary use flours, pasta, rice, crackers, cookies and olive oil is searching for distributors, through distribution services agreements. Ir a la fuente Para poder disponer de la información debe “Ir a la fuente”, anotar la […]